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Havent been on livejournal in a long time. Its been months on months. I also dont have my computer cuzz my mom took it so im using my ipod touch.

Well im at home on the computer obviously...havent been on in a long time. But everythings goin pretty well

Back online for good (hopefully)
Ok i got myself a new router from my good friend Mikeyee and so im online now for good.

Ive also switched my laptops operating system to xp instead of vista because as we all know vista has no fuckin functionability its just made to look pretty

so now im running xp...soon to be maybe 7

Computer fixed....
Sex=more like cromancer
My computer wsa fixed today .... yay!

I had my friend change my OS to Windows XP and then it made my disk drive re-appear.
Im a happy camper right about now lol...

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days...Awaiting
Currently awaiting the arrival of my kingdom hearts 358/2days from my buddy mikkye a;lsdkgfwa; khsa;ih er;klgjhajhg sdiofgharw;ihsa;kh

Pokemon HG/SS Release....
Rayquaza friend coded
Hey folks....Kenshiki is back to livejournal and ready to tell you some news for all the pokemon fans out there and people who havent played one single pokemon title yet.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver is set for release in spring of 2010..I know to some or most of you im a little bit late on the topic but ive come to brag that i had it shipped from japan the first day it released in japan and had it digitally remade for me into english and its great.

But the names are indeed rediculous but i dont down on any pokemon titles, as long as it's pokemon then im good with it...

In other news I am turning 15 on thursday yay.....someone give me a free shiny pokemon or a legendary.....Hacked or legit who cares as long as its got good ev's and doesnt have bad moves.

Computer charger broken........
OK, well i lent my computer to my cousin and he broke the charger to it......

So now im charger-less until my auntie buys me a new one.......or i can buy it myself but im not gonna do that being that i didnt break it.........

But i wont be on often till i get another so dont wait up for me....lol kidding byez

Sleepless Hollow
Death ridden
Well, im sitting here in the living room trying to find something to bore me till i go to sleep but nothing is working at all and i dont know what the hell to do.

Nobody is awake any more because they all went to sleep except for my cousin and thats only because hes playing the Xbox 360 and he doesnt really want to go to sleep. But i want to and i cant. I think the dude is contagious.

Naruto: Shippuuden
Well see ive just started to watch Naruto: Shippuuden recently...........

IDK why i started to do that seeing as how im not finished reading the manga yet.

But im gonna stop for a while and then im gonna finish reading first and then ill get right back to it i guess lol.....

Yaaaaay!!!!!! So Happy
Well first, i got my Pokemon Pearl back and i have caught all of the legendaries even the event only ones...... also the A/C in the house is fixed and running so now it's not hot in the house all the time anymore because it's always running.


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